Unlimited Key eXtraction (UKX)

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This script can be used to extract unlimited number of keys, which tries to address the limitation of IDEA wherein Key Value Extraction is possible only for the first 500 keys.


Developed and Tested in IDEA v10.4
This is a general purpose tool. For convenience, please copy this script to Macros.ILB folder of Local Library and add the script to the ribbon using Customize Ribbon option.
How to use:

  1. Run ukx.iss script or invoke it from the ribbon.
  2. Select a database. (User can cancel the operation from this dialog.)
  3. Select a key column. (User can cancel the operation from this dialog.)
  4. A summarization is performed to determine the number of keys.
  5. A dialog appears with the number of keys and an option to proceed or not. (User can cancel the operation at this stage)
  6. Once the user wants to proceed, the script creates one database for each key
  7. Since the output of summarization is another database, each key will be a record in this database. IDEA supports 2,147,483,647 records in a database (http://ideascripting.com/forum/idea-limitations). Potentially that many keys can be extracted.
  8. This script can be used even if the count of keys is below 500 also (better to use IDEA functionality to extract upto 500 keys)
  9. A log of actions performed by the script is available for review
  10. A variable x_log_every has been defined, which when set to 1, will log each and every iteration of the loop which extracts the keys. When set to, say 1000, will log every 1000th iteration


I have tried running the script and it encounters an error on line 155 and 324 in IDEA 11. Do you know the possible solution for this issue?