So I just thought I would talk about the Snippet section of the site.  Snippets are defined as "a programming term for a small region of re-usable source code".  I have found as I have developed the scripts on the site that certain functions I continually reuse over and over again.  An example is the function Get File Name that will get the file name from a path.

I also revisit the snippets as I use them as sometimes I will think of ways to make them more user friendly or add additional functionality to them.  I try to make them as generic as possible so that they can be put into any script and all the person writing the script has to do is call them with the applicable parameters. 

So if you see a snippet that could be useful to your code please borrow it and post a comment if it was useful or suggestions on how to develop it more fully.  Also if you have a suggestion for a snippet post it to the forum and I will see what I can do.