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The IDEA lab is now open to all registered users of the site.  The IDEA lab will be a place where users can post their projects and ask for comments on them.  CaseWare IDEA will also be using this area to place items that are still under development for people to comment on.  Right now there is a Python app (you need 10.3 to run it) that looks for outliers in your code.  Also there is a package that creates a python environment so you can start coding your IDEA python scripts.


I have a new SmartAnalzyer application that is available through the MarketPlace.  It is a Smart App that allows you to import multiple files in one pass.  If you are in a position where you have to import multiple files at the same time this app might save you time.  There are also options to add the record number, add the filename to the import and create the field statistics.


Welcome to IDEAScripting.com.  I have set-up this site to support IDEA and IDEAScripting, which is the scripting language used by IDEA.

On the site I have made available some of my scripts that will hopefully help you out in your use of IDEA.  I also have IDEAScript snippets that are short pieces of code that I continually reuse in my scripts.  There are also several videos, including a series on how to create a simple IDEAScript.  I am continually adding items as I have time to create them.

There is a forum where members can ask questions or post comments.  In there I also have several custom functions that can be downloaded and used within IDEA.

I just added a video to the site that is a promotional video for Smart Analyzer, if you don't know what this is I suggest you watch the two minute video.  Basically it has created "apps" for IDEA where you can purchase and download specialized routines to run on your databases.  Check it out and feel free to add a comment or ask any questions on it.

I hope you enjoy the site and all comments are welcome.