Adding multiple radio buttons

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Adding multiple radio buttons

Hi, I tried to add multiple radio buttons to the script, but so far only the first radio button is working. That is, no mather which radio button I choose when doing extraction, it always gives me this result:
Extraction Criteria:      (@DToDays(İRSALIYE_TARIHI) - @DToDays(BELGE_TARIHI))  > 7
PS: İRSALIYE_TARIHI and BELGE_TARIHI are date fields and 7 is the number of days.
Could you please tell me why this is not working?

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Brian Element
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Hi leylalkan,

It is because you have named your group box ID the same as the radio buttons Group ID so IDEA is reading the group box ID instead of the radion buttons.  Change the Group Box ID to something else and it should fix the problem.