Export after "Display All Records containing..." or "save as..."

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Export after "Display All Records containing..." or "save as..."

Hi Brian,
Hi members of Idea scripting.com
I am a big fan of your work and thanks for this homepage; great inspiration and help.
I have a problem in scripting and maybe you can help: Currently we use IDEA 8.5 and will update to 10.3 in the end of 2019. The staff members of my company often use the right click in a database window for ‘Display All Records containing ...’, criteria and the equation editor. They filter out the data they need and want to finish the reports in MS Excel. Nearly every staff member uses different criteria ... therefor is no export with a predefined eqn = “ “ in the task=db.ExportDatabase possible.
The reduced Macro-Script is added below as txt. We bind the Macro to the ribbon for quick export with only one mouse-click.
The export to Excel for the whole current open mother database (before setting Criteria) works fine.  – But I can’t find a solution to export the child database after the use of for ‘Display All Records containing’ or set criteria via ideascript.
My first question: The manual solution is “save as ...” and then export the separated child database as *.xlsx and open it in Excel by the Macro. Is there a snippet/script for “save as...” the current child database in for example: C:\temp (instead of export-task)?
My second question: Or is it possible to read out the actual set/defined criteria by ‘Display All Records containing ...’ by the user and define a variable for the equation in the export task for getting only the child database?
Maybe you can help? With best regards

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Hi Paul and I hope you enjoy the upgrade, I think you will like it.

Unfortunately as far as I know the save as is a manul process.  Once you perform the save as you can look in the history and see the code to redo it but there is no way that I know of to manually select the records and save them as part of an IDEAScript.

I am not too sure what you are asking with your second question, can you give an example.