Managing Large Report Extractions from Business Application Systems

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Managing Large Report Extractions from Business Application Systems

Hello Group Members,

Ever tried downloading the Annual Sale Register for your auditee entity from their Business Application System in one go. Its a challenge and one which is met with a "Report Run Time Out Error" more often than not. A background post office hours Report Run may also pose challenges for a Register of formidable size.
The best workaround in this case is to download the Register in smaller more manageable files like every month or every fortnight. Given the Register is being generated and downloaded using the same method and from the same Application it will positively have the same structure and format.
So let us say you have the Register in 24 independent files (12 months * 2 fortnights per month). You can use the ImportMultipleFile IDEA Script from Passport to import all the Excel or Text files into your Project Folder.
Now you have 24 IDEA databases in the File Explorer of your Project Folder. Use Append Databases to merge all the 24 IDEA databases into a single file.
This is a practical and convenient workaround to managing large report extractions.
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