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Searching exact keyword

Hello all,
I am trying to adjust my function that search for specific word with the use of @Isini pre built IDEA function.
The problem i have noticed is that the function will return all of the strings with the searched keyword in it i.e. if i serach for a keyword: 'company' it will return records with string such 'intercompany'. I tried to somehow modify the keyword by adding space in front and at the end of the string - for keyword 'company' it is " company " etc. but in this case it will not pick up the keyword if it is present in the database as '(company)'.
Similar case will be with keyword 'change' where 'exchange' string will be also returned as a result.
Some ideas please - I dont think there is a function for this kind of string search in idea.

Steven Luciani
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Hi Paul,

You can use IDEA's search feature for this task. You can to it using the search button on the DATA tab (last button on the right)

As seen in the screen shot below (sorry for the poor quality, I wanted to get everything in one snip):

I created a small example using your words and looked for company and exchange at the same time and it only returned records where these words stood on their own in the text field.

The search feature will allow the use of wildcard and proximity searches  and boolean operators. You have the option of creating new database or just viewing our search results in the search results tab, or both. A nice thing about this feature is you can search multiple fields and multiple databases which can be way more efficient than using @isini.

Happy searching




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Hi Steven,
Thank you for you reply.To be honest I knew about this functionlity and tried it prior to placing my question on the forum but either i was doing something wrong or that function is not available to me in my version of IDEA (Client Version: (X86 )).
Please see below - the OK button is greyed out and i cannot check the DESCRIPTION field in my active database as field to be searched for a specific word.