Testing for non-recording of Annual Leave

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Testing for non-recording of Annual Leave

I am testing for the risk of employees not recording Annual Leave appropriately. I have 3 sets of data, ie Employee Leave Taken, Network Access and Building Access listing. I cannot get my head around how I can identify instances on an ordinary working day have not access the network or building. The assumption in this scenario is that if the employee is working, they would have accessed both. Of course, there will be some explained reasons.
Have any of you performed such test? I am curious to hear how you performed it in IDEA. Thanks.

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Could you add a field to each table and name it  "Table" and input the following  for each table "Employee Leave Taken", "Network Access", and "Building Access Listing"  respectively and then join the three tables on the field "Table".  
Then perform a Duplicate Exclusion where EE Name and Date are the same but the "Table" field is different?