Using IDEA to prove/disprove a theory

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Using IDEA to prove/disprove a theory

I'm wondering if it's possible to use IDEA (v 10.4) to either prove or disprove a theory.  The theory is that training (online and classroom) improves turnover.  I have access to all the tables in the HR database which has the training area.  I pull termination dates and course completion dates but that is not enough to prove causation.  Has anyone done anything along these lines, maybe marketing/sales?

Steven Luciani
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One theory is to use the correlation analysis feature in IDEA. It is found on the Analysis Tab, in the Explore group in the Statistics drop down list. If you have the data to help you demonstrate a positive correlation between amount of training an employee receives and the length of time an employee remains with the company that would help prove that training improves turnover.

If you've nevery used the advanced statistical methods in IDEA, there is a case study PDF in the documention folder created when IDEA was installed on your computer. It should be here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\CaseWare IDEA\IDEA\Documentation

Hope that helps get you started.