Unlimited Key eXtraction (UKX) with Selection


This can be used to extract unlimited number of keys, with a facility to select/de-select keys as required.


Developed and Tested in IDEA v10.4
NOTE: ukx-with-selection.zip contians 2 scripts: ukx-step-1.iss and ukx-step-2.iss 
This is a general purpose tool. For convenience, please copy the scripts to Macros.ILB folder of Local Library and add the script to the ribbon using Customize Ribbon option.
How to use:
Finding keys:

  1. Run ukx-step-1.iss script or invoke it from the ribbon.
  2. Select a database. (User can cancel the operation from this dialog.)
  3. Select a key column and also select whether to include all keys or exclude all keys to start with (User can cancel the operation from this dialog.)
  4. A summarization is performed to determine the number of keys.
  5. A multi-state column is added to this summarization for selecting keys.
  6. INCLUDE column of all rows set to tick when Include All was selected and set to blank when Exclude All was selected

Selecing/De-selecting keys (performed by the user)

  1. Click on the INCLUDE column to cycle through the multi-state values
  2. A tick mean the key is included.
  3. Anything other than a tick (x or ? or blank) means the key is excluded.

Key Value Extraction:

  1. Run ukx-step-2.iss script with the selection screen as the current database
  2. One database is created for each selected key
  3. A log of actions performed is available for review