Replace function

This function allows you to replace part of a string with another part.  So if you have a string "ACBDEFGH" and you want to replace "DEF" with "MNO" using this function it would return "ABCMNOGH"

Get a folder

This function will open a dialog that will display the folders on your computer which you can then choose one from.  The second form only opens at the working directory level.

Display the filename in a text field

This function will update a text field with a file name selected from within a custom menu.

Populate Primary field List

This function will populate an array with information that can be used in a field list for a custom menu.

Verify if integer

This if ... then statment will verify if a string inputed from a custom function is an integer

Get the field name

This function will get a field name of a field given its location within the database.  If the location is -1 it will default to the last field name.

I have updated the script, it now uses 0 to find the last entry and negative numbers to find the field name starting from the right.

Check if field name exists

This routine will check to see if a field name exists and if it the field name already exists then it will return a field name that does not exist by adding a 1 to the end of the field name.

Get no of records

This function will get the number of records in a database.

Get File Name

A function to obtain the file name from a string that also contains the directory info.  This was updated on April 4, 2012 to add functionality for files that may be in sub directories.  Also added functionilty where you can get the file name or the file name with the directory imbedded in the IDEA working directory.

Field Dialog

This code creates a menu that allows you to pick multiple fields.  The code should be inserted as part of the menu structure and as part of the menu, usually based on a select statement option of a button being selected from the main menu.