How to Internationalize and localize your scripts

Wikipedia defines internationalization and localization as:

New IDEA site, Certification program and AuditNet®

Here is a round-up of some of the things happening over at IDEA these days.

New IDEA support site

IDEA now has a new web site called CaseWare Analytics. It has lots of resources such as videos, tutorials, etc.  If you haven't found it yet you should check it out.


IDEA v9 was recently released to users for upgrade or purchase.  You can find more details on the IDEA web site

I was fortunate enough to be one of the beta testers on the project and enjoyed working with the upgrade.  Here are a few of the new features of the product.


Welcome to

Hello and welcome to

It has been awhile that I have been thinking that IDEA lacks a web site that is run by the users for the users.  When you look at many other popular software products you can usually find sites that support the product but are not run by the software company, I am hoping that this site will become the number one site in support of IDEA.

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