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Append file name as value in column

I'm looking for a script that would append additional column into my ile with values equal to source file name.
In my example I have text files e.g.  20230831.txt with one column of data.
I would like to import this file into IDEA and have to column of which one would store in every field value "20230831".
If there would be a way to import multiple file this way at the same time that would be excelent! :)
Thanks in advance for the help!

Brian Element Thu, 08/31/2023 - 08:09

Hi Mutombo,

If you go to IDEA Passport you can download and install the SmartAnalyzer Utilities application:

In the package there is a utility called the multi-file import, this has an option to add a filename field when you perform an inport. 

The is also another utility that allows you to do this for files that have already been imported: