Add totals column


This script will add a total field.  The total can be the running total on the entire file or it can be based on up to eight different key fields.


This script adds a new field to your selected database.  The new field will hold an accumulated total based on the entire file or based on a key of one to eight fields.

If you wish the accumulated field to be on the total file then do not select any key fields, leave the all as None and the script will accumulate for the entire file.

When you run the field you will see the following dialog:

Select the a file to run the analysis on, if a file is already open it will be selected.  Select the amount field, this field cannot be the same as any of the key fields.  If you wish the accumulated total based on the key then select one to eight keys.  The keys are based on the order, so the first key dropdown is the primary key, if you leave any as None then those will be ignored.  Finally give a name for the total field.

Run the script and you will get the following.  

Note that the total field is based on the index of the fields you selected so make sure you select the index in order for the fields to appear in the proper order.