Zap ConsultingData analytics can test 100% of data to detect suspicious transactions for further investigation. Data analytics can also be used to examine, collate, and quantify transactions once an audit target area have been identified. GEL-1 is an example of an IDEAScript available on this website that can help to determine an audit target. Whistle-blowing and tips hotlines also provides high value areas to review and investigate. It is important for all organizations to have open communications and transparency with information that can be gathered to help narrow the search for the data analytical analyst.  One such service is Integrity Hotline™ ( where they strive to provide organizations and their communities with a professional, anonymous, transparent, reporting mechanism to aid in the integrity of their business operations, detour financial frauds, while encouraging the organization’s community confidence and minimizing toxicity in the business environment. Integrity Hotline™ assists organizations in achieving positive corporate governance, with fairness, transparency and professionalism.

Import Multiple Files


This script is now available as a SmartAnalyzer application, it is available through Passport with the Utilities SmartAnalyzer applications.  Please consider purchasing this application as it helps to support this web site.

This script will allow you to select and import multiple files at the same time.

March 16, 2014 - Updated - added an option for delimited files to select the first row as the field names.

April 8, 2014 - Updated - there was a bug in the select files dialog that would not allow you to move a file from the right panel to the left.

Date Extraction


This script extracts a maximum of 24 specified dates entered (Enter Dates button) or loaded from a text file (Load Dates File button).  Days of the week can also be extracted into separate files. Specified dates or days of the week selection can be inverted by checking the "Output all dates NOT selected" box. Dates must be entered using the DDMM format. Text files with dates can be created for subsequent reuse or loading by selecting the Save Button after inputting dates via the Enter Dates button.

Top Records Extraction Exclusion


This script will perform the Top Records Extraction function within IDEA but at the same time it will also creates a second file with all the records that are not part of the Top Records Extractions. After selecting your file and hitting ok you will be taken to the Top Records Extraction dialog where you can enter all the parameters needed for the Top Records Extraction.  The script will then perform the extraction and then do a join to extract all the non selected items.

Payment Date vs Due Date


This script allows you to take two date fields and perform three different extracts:

  1. First date field is less than second date field,
  2. First date field is equal to second date field, and
  3. First date field is greater than second date field.

It will then summarize the findings based on year and month.  You can select which date field to use for obtaining the date and month information.

Script updated Feb 12, 2019

Text Search


The text search script gives you an alternatvie interface to performing a text search from within IDEA.  The script allows you to select up to 10 different search terms (you can use the wildcards), it also allows you decide if the search is case sensitve or not and the type of search, i.e.



Calculates the z-score of a selected numerical field.  The user has the option of having the analysis performed based on the population standard deviation or the sample standard deviation.

2nd - 3rd - 4th digit test


This script will perform the 2nd, 3rd and 4th digit test which is based on Benford's Law.  The test is based on Mark J. Nigrini's book Benford's Law Applications for Forensic Accounting, Auditing, and Fraud Detection.  The script will create one file for each digit test.

Feb 14, 2013 - Updated for IDEA v9.

Identify Blank / Repeat Fields


This script will identify any blank fields or fields in which the information repeats.  The scrpt will rename the fields based on a prefix that the user gives.  It also write a text file to the working directory of the fields which should be kept.  The script will then create a new IDEA file which will list the fields that contain empty or repeating data and allows the user to decide if they wish to keep or delete the field.  The user would then run the script a second time in order to delete the choosen fields.



The purpose of the GEL tests (GEL-1 and GEL-2) is to detect relationships or links within a data file that serve as potential indicators of fraud.

Same-Same-Same Test (SSS)


The purpose of the Same-Same-Same test (SSS) and the Same-Same-Different test (SSD) IDEAScripts are to identify abnormal duplications as potential indicators of errors or fraud.

Updated Sept 17, 2015 - Updated the dialog.