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View - Date Values

Hello Group Members,

When you import any data file into IDEA having Date Fields you will notice by default that the Fields get displayed in IDEA as per the Regional Date Settings of the PC on which IDEA is installed.
So a sample Date 14-FEB-2019 from any Report will get displayed in IDEA as 14-02-2019 if the Regional Setting of Dates on the PC is DD-MM-YYYY
If you need to change the Display View of the Date, simply select the Date field within the active IDEA database, then navigate to View and click on Date Values under Format.
Now under Date Values you can choose the preferred Date Display format of your choice like YYYY/MM/DD or Month Date, Year.
This will only change the Display Date View. However the Date will continue to be stored in IDEA as YYYYMMDD.
So the Display Date will not affect the way we build Equations/Expressions/Criteria in IDEA.
So an Analytical Requirement to identify lapsed Agreements as on Date will be written in the Equation Editor as ~ Agreement Expiry Date < "20190214"
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Hello, I am having difficulties with a date question. I need to append the day of the week my purchases were paid from the field (PAY_DATE) in a virtual column then called DATE_PAID. Then I need summarize total purchases paid and average for each of the 7 days of the week—Sunday (Day 1) through Saturday (Day 7). I do not know how to get the dates (currently in the format of YYYYMMDD) to days of the week (1-7).

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Please use @Dow(PAY_DATE) which gives 1 for Sunday, 2 for Monday and so on.