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Do...Loop Statement

The Do...Loop statement, or Do for short, is used to execute a block of statements repeatedly—in other words, to loop through the statements.

This statement comes in several variations that can meet essentially any program need.

IDEAScript Language

jyotikumar Thu, 04/14/2022 - 02:54

Database 1: Employee Details (Name, Other Employee Details...., Contribution)
Database 2: Project Details (Project Name, Start Date, End Date, Amount)  10 rows
I want to distribute the project amount as per employees contribution. For that I need to join and evaluate for all 10 projects column wise.
So I need all fields of database 1 then join 1st project, start date1, end date1, amount distributed for project 1, 2nd project, start date2, end date 2, amount distributed for project 2,.........................
How can I join each row of a database 2 to database 1 having no field in common?