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point comma

I'm looking for a formula what changes a character field (which includes digits with point "." for decimal number) to a numeric field with a comma "," (french presentation of numbers). I've tested @curval but I didn't suceed to have two digits after the comma. I don't understand why. Do you know a solution ?
Thanks in advance !

Brian Element Tue, 12/18/2018 - 17:17

Hi Benoit,

Have you tried just using the @val() function, that should change it to a numeric field and then setting your regional settings to French should change the appearance to a comma for the decimal.  Can you try that out and let me know if it works?  Numbers are stored the same way, how they appear is based on your computer's regional settings.


BENOIT Wed, 12/19/2018 - 02:34

Hi Brian,
The function @val() didn't worked.
Exemple of caracter field I would like to change : 124.054648 to numeric field : 124,05
The function @curval(124.05648;" ";",") like the function @val(124.05648) return 124,00.
Thanks for your help

Brian Element Wed, 12/19/2018 - 07:41

Hi Benoit,

Thanks for getting back to me, sorry I had forgotten about the @curval function as I am always working in an English environment so I fortunately don't have to worry about that, glad it is working for you.

BENOIT Wed, 12/19/2018 - 07:47

I may have misspoke myself. The two functions don't work : I would like to get the decimals numbers.
Do you have an idea ?

Brian Element Wed, 12/19/2018 - 08:10

Hi Benoit, can you share some examples and your regional settings and I will try it out on my system and see if I can get it to work for you.  You can email it to  Also if you could show for the examples what you want it to look like I will see what I can do.

Steven Luciani Wed, 12/19/2018 - 10:31

I don't have much experience changing my regional settings to french but looking at your curval equation shouldn't it be @curval("124.05648";",";".") and you should set you virtural numeric field to 5 decimal places if you want to see them all. Remember you are going from english number formatting to french number formatting so your equation will be the opposite of the example in the function help pane in IDEA.

I didn't test it but if you are creating a virtual numeric field with 5 decimal places on a computer with french regional windows settings the virtual numeric field should show up as 124,05648 on your machine.

Remember to use curval the original field with the number should have been imported as a character field and display something like 100,500.05648 in the character field that represents the english number formatting.