Converting Character to Date Format (MM/YYYY)

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Allyson Myers
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Converting Character to Date Format (MM/YYYY)

I am trying to convert from Character to Date format that doesn't include the "day" information, only month and year. I have tried both changing the original column to Date and it doesn't accept the "MM/YYYY" date mask (error message: Invalid Date Mask)
I have also tried to append a new Virtual Date column using the equation @ctod(Field Name, "MM/YYYY") but instead of dates in the column, it shows "Error" in red font in each line under that column.
Thanks for any and all help!

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Brian Element
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The date format needs a day.  Within IDEA dates are stored as YYYYMMDD.  I am not sure what you are trying to do but if you are trying to extract using only the year and month you would probably have to do something like this:

@year(DATE) = 2015  .AND. @Month(DATE) = 12

This will extract all transactions for December 2015 within the DATE field.