Aging on a Dynamic Date

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Aging on a Dynamic Date
Hello Group Members,
The “Aging” Function in IDEA lets you prepare an Aging Report as on a specific Date like say 31st March 2018. So you can Age “Open Purchase Orders - Pending Delivery” as on 31st March 2018.
While this can be a compelling Report for insight gathering and Ordering pattern analysis the Aging is conducted on a fixed date viz 31st March 2018.
Now if we would like to make this Aging repeatable through a Macro - Visual Script or IDEA Script, future Aging Reports will always run on 31st March 2018 unless the Macros is manually edited each time or the date changed in a pop up dialog input box through the IDEA Script.
If you would like to make the Aging dynamic and repeatable on a floating system date you can append a virtual numeric field titled “Age in Days” and use the Criteria -
@Age(@Date(), Purchase Order Date)
The above criteria will give you the difference in days between the current system date whenever you run the Report and the Purchase Order Date.
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Hi thanks for sharing. However I am unable to apply this in a script.
=>  task.Info "2020/08/21", "TRANSDATE_DATE", "AMOUNT"  how do i replace this with a dynamic date?