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Analyse to Act
Hello Group Members,
It is a universal truth that the reports which emerge through any form of analytics serves as the foundation for change and action within an organisation.
While undertaking any form of analytics in IDEA you will notice that the base data dump imported into IDEA has umpteen fields - some relevant, some for information and others redundant.
It is essential to present only those fields through IDEA which will spur action on the findings from the recipient of the report.
To this end every function in IDEA has a button within the dialog box 'Fields'. 'Fields' allows the IDEA user to choose Fields to Display in each report thereby presenting only the fields required for action.
Let us understand this topic with an example. You import an Enquiry Monitoring System data dump into IDEA which has the following fields -
Enquiry No, Enquiry Date, Enquiry Time, Location, Business Unit, Company, Prospect Name, Prospect Mobile Number, Prospect Email ID, Prospect Address, City, State, Country, ZipCode, Product Code Enquired, Potential Business Value, Source of Prospect, Action Taken, Action Taken By, Action Taken Date, Action Taken Time, Status and more
Now if the IDEA User would like to provide valuable service to his client by designing a report where repeat Enquiry's have been received from the same Prospect but the repeat Enquiry's are pending aging action beyond say 7 days then the key fields required are the Enquiry No, Enquiry Date, Prospect Mobile Number, Product Code Entered, Potential Business Value. These fields are enough to spur the recipient to action and ensure proper enquiry handling. The other fields like Prospect Email ID, ZipCode, Action Taken Date etc are more for information and won't add much value to the report.
So lets use Fields regularly in IDEA to keep the report issued sharp and relevant.
Best Regards
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