Archiving Desktop Projects

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Archiving Desktop Projects

Hello Group Members,

We have all come across a situation where the number of project folders in IDEA and the sheer volume / size of the project folders begin to appear daunting with a grab on vital hard disk space on our PCs having IDEA. There is a convenient solution on hand.
The Create Archive Project task in IDEA lets you maximize disk space on your machine by archiving Desktop projects that are no longer used. You can also use this task to share Desktop projects between IDEA users. Archived projects contain all the IDEA databases and associated Library files for a selected project. They are compressed into a zipped file (*.iarc/iarc2) and stored in a default or user-defined location. You can choose to delete the Desktop project folder after the archive process is complete thereby freeing up valuable hard disk space on your PC with IDEA.

Here are some Archiving Notes from the Help within IDEA ~

Archiving Notes

  • It is recommended to only archive Desktop projects that reside on your local drive. Archiving Desktop projects on mapped network drives is not supported.
  • Locked Desktop projects can only be archived by the user who locked the projects.
  • The active Desktop project cannot be archived.
  • The Archive tasks are temporarily unavailable and grayed out while other tasks are running in the active Desktop project.
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