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Changing the Colour for Virtual and Editable Fields in IDEA

Hello Group Members,

Virtual and Editable fields play an important role in your experience within IDEA.
Virtual fields are calculated fields that can be used for proving existing calculations, making new calculations and converting data from one field type to another. For example converting cheque numbers stored in a Character field format into a Numeric field type to facilitate the testing for gaps on the cheque number sequence.
Editable fields are modifiable fields and useful for entering comments/data like validation remarks as an example against list of potential audit work items.
While the default colour setting is blue for Editable fields, it is green for Virtual fields.
These default colour settings can be altered to suit your preferred colour choice.
To change the colour, go to File under the IDEA menu toolbar, click on Options and in IDEA Options choose Database Grid. You will see the option to change the colour settings for Editable fields color and Virtual fields color.
Best Regards
Group Admin Team