Choose your Delimiter Correctly - Text File Imports

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Choose your Delimiter Correctly - Text File Imports
Hello Group Members,
While importing Text Delimited Files or Comma Separated Value ( CSV ) Files in IDEA you will notice that each File will have a different type of Delimiter. Depending on the Report Design done by the Client IT Reports Group, the Delimiter May vary from a comma, to a colin, semi-colin, space, tilda or carrot. It is important to choose the Delimiter correctly in the Text import option of IDEA to ensure the fields get correctly segregated without any risk of field merge or omission.
While IDEA recognises the Delimiter from a scan of the Text File and applies the correct Delimiter, at times it may be prudent to have your own visual review of the Text File preview and chose the right Delimiter - often - using Others in the Delimiter category and entering the right Delimiter from your key pad.
Once the Fields are properly segregated, a simple click of the box “First Row is Field Names” will Heading each Field correctly and completely.
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