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Data - Find - Fields

Hello Group,

Have you found yourself scrolling left and right within an imported IDEA database to locate a field (column) of your choice. It is easy when the IDEA database is just a dozen columns. But what if it contains couple of dozen columns. The process can be nerve wracking and time consuming.
Well IDEA has an easy solution.
Visit the Fields category under Data in the IDEA menu toolbar. Click on Find to the right of Remove. Type the starting letter of the Field you are looking for and the cursor selection moves to each Field in your IDEA database beginning with that letter. Keep typing that letter till you find the field and the cursor selection moves straight away to that field in your IDEA database. 
Quick and effective.
Please do not mix up Find - Fields with Search - Find. Both available within Data in the IDEA menu toolbar.
Find - Fields looks for a field of your choice whereas Search - Find looks for a value of your choice within the data using the Equation Editor (Classic Control + Find)
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