Date in numbers - how to manage in IDEA ?

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Date in numbers - how to manage in IDEA ?

Hello Group Members,

You are given a Work in Process (WIP) Inventory MS-Excel file where the Last Batch Conversion Date field is in a numeric format and not date format. Now let's say you would like to perform an Aging on this Date field to identify batches lying in the WIP stage for more than 'x' number of days.
You can import the file as it is into IDEA using the Import Assistant.
The Date field in IDEA will continue to appear as a number. However you need it in a date format to perform the Aging in IDEA.
So append a new virtual date field with the field name say "Date IDEA", field type - virtual date and criteria being @daystod(Date Field Name)
@daystod() will convert your date in numbers into date in a date format with display as per the regional date settings on your PC having IDEA.
Now you can proceed with the Aging.
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