Eliminating Stock Receipt Reversals in IDEA

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Eliminating Stock Receipt Reversals in IDEA

Hello Group Members,

Let us say you are presented with an Inventory Transaction data file which has the following fields ~
Inventory Code, Inventory Description, Location, Inventory Type, Accounting Document Number, Accounting Document Date, Movement Type, Quantity, Price, Value, Reversal Accounting Document Number
In this data file Movement Type 101 stands for Receipt and 102 stands for Receipt Reversal
Now let us understand the process to be followed in IDEA to eliminate the 102's (i.e. Reversals) from the 101's (i.e. Receipts) when both are appearing in the same data file.
~ Firstly capture the 101 and 102 entries in 2 separate IDEA file using Key Value Extraction. The Key Field or Group Field will be the Movement Type.
~ Secondly make 101 from above your active database. Click on Join. In the Join box notice 101 is the Primary file. Select 102 as the Secondary file / database. The matching key field between 101 and 102 will be the Inventory Code and Accounting Document Number from 101 with the Reversal Accounting Document Number from 102.
Here you need to take care to use the Reversal Accounting Document Number from 102 which signifies the original Receipt booking number sought to be reversed.
~ In the Join box use 'Records with No Secondary Match' to look for Receipts (i.e. entries in 101 - Primary File) having no Reversals (i.e. entries in 102 - Secondary file).
This is the process to eliminate Reversals when both the original entry and reversals are appearing together in a single file.
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