Everyday Data Analytics - 1

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Everyday Data Analytics - 1


It would be interesting to take a look at the endless possibilities of Data Analytics which touches our lives on a daily basis. 

Your visit to a Super Market may trigger an email alert to your registered email account with the Tax Invoice/Cash Memo as a PDF file.

Now at the end of each month you have a bunch of PDF files representing multiple visits to the Market.

Using IDEA Software's revolutionary Report Reader, you can capture all the PDF files in IDEA as independent databases.

Then using Append, all the independent databases can be merged into a single file for insightful analysis.

Lets take a look at some of the reports you can generate with the information at your disposal -

a. Total amount spent on each item for the month.

b. Top item spends per month.

c. Same item bought at multiple rates in the same month.

d. Same item having different discount/loyalty schemes in the same month.

e. Items bought only once a month.

f. Different loyalty points/Inconsistent loyalty points credited to your account against the same purchase value band.

g. Loyalty points about to expire.

h. Loyalty points expired.

i. Items on which loyalty points cannot be redeemed

This is just a drop in the ocean of creative reports which can be generated from an activity as routine as Super Market shopping.

Our next discussion post will look at Everyday Data Analytics on our Credit Cards.

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