Find and Replace in the Equation Editor

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Find and Replace in the Equation Editor

Hello Group Members,

The 'Find and Replace' feature in the Equation Editor makes it very convenient for us to 'Manage Saved Equations' across changes in data schema environment.
Let us say your Team Member has saved a rather lengthy @compif() Function where the Function references the field 'PRODUCTCODE' across pages of lines of code.
Now with migration from an earlier Business Application to a new one the data schema undergoes a change where the field 'PRODUCTCODE' now goes by the name 'COMMODITYNO'
In stead of following a manual exercise of editing the saved @Function line by line in the Equation Editor, a simple visit to 'Find and Replace' will work wonders.
In the 'Find what' box enter 'PRODUCTCODE'  and in the 'Replace with' box enter 'COMMODITYNO'. Now click on Replace All.
The entire code gets edited in one pass.
Best Regards
Group Admin Team