Header Lines to Ignore - Import of Text Files

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Header Lines to Ignore - Import of Text Files
Hello Group Members,
While generating Reports from your Client Business Application System you will most of the times receive options to save the Reports as Excel or Text Files. These are common Report save formats.
If your Excel File has Report Headings at the top of the first page you are required to remove this Heading manually in Excel and then import the File to IDEA using Microsoft Excel under Import Assistant.
Now as a workaround if you wish to avoid this manual activity of Header removal in Excel especially if you are performing the Analytic task through a Macro in IDEA, then the best workaround is to save the Report as a Text File.
The Text option under the Import Assistant has an option to remove Report Headers - Header Lines To Ignore. This is convenient for data cleansing in IDEA and can also be captured in the IDEA Macro so that the Header removal happens automatically without having to manually remove the Header in Excel each time before Macro run.
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