IDEA and Online Cab Aggregators

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IDEA and Online Cab Aggregators



Online Cab Aggregators are dominating bustling metropolis cities with their presence. These operators seamlessly connect riders to drivers through their smart phone applications thereby making city riding both convenient and relatively inexpensive.


With their lavish referral programs and promotion coupons we often see misuse by both drivers and riders.


Here is a brief look into some of the innovative schemes employed by drivers and riders to beat the online system to get free rides or rides at the lowest cost. Naturally IDEA can play a big role in busting such ploys -


(a) Same Date Same Car Same Driver Same Rider multiple rides in quick succession - employed by the Driver to increase his or her incentive off-take - Function in IDEA - Duplicate Key Exclusion followed by Summarization


(b) Same Rider Name Different Mobile Number Different Promotion Coupon - employed by the Rider to avail of maximum free rides using free ride promotion coupons from multiple mobile recharges - Duplicate Key Exclusion followed by Summarization


(c) Circular movement of referral programs between same riders having multiple mobile numbers where both the referrer and referee stand to gain free coupons - Duplicate Key Exclusion followed by Summarization


(d) Incentive maximization across Cab Aggregators - this is very tough to catch as the driver uses two or more Cab Aggregator Apps at the same time for a known rider. The rider gets into the car of a known driver and makes a booking using two Online Cab Aggregator Apps in immediate succession to the same place. The driver accepts both from different phones and ferries the rider to the destination thus claiming his trip fare on both rides and increasing his trip count on both rides enhancing his chance of getting handsome incentives from both aggregators. In theory this ploy can only be busted if we can relate the ride dumps of multiple aggregators at the same time.


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