Identify # of Duplicates within IDEA V 10.3's Discover Feature

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Identify # of Duplicates within IDEA V 10.3's Discover Feature

Hello Group Members,

IDEA V 10.3 has a novel feature enhancement - Discover.
Discover showcases the power of IDEA's Analytic Intelligence. This inbuilt intelligence, made up of pre-written algorithms helps identify trends, patterns or anomalies in the data that warrant investigation and follow-up. Discover at the click of a button under Analysis in the IDEA menu toolbar presents charts or field statistics on multiple dashboards which can be viewed within IDEA.
As an example if you apply Discover on a Customer Billing dump, it showcases the Count of Duplicates on the field Invoice No. This box can also be clicked on to drill down and present the actual duplicates line item wise on Invoice No. You can also change the settings to look for duplicates on any other unique field in the Customer Billing dump like Customer Delivery Note No etc.
Discover allows for quick insight into potential duplicates through IDEA's proprietary intelligence platform. This serves as a compelling starting point to consider applying core features in IDEA like Duplicate Key Detection and Duplicate Key Exclusion if Discover identified any duplicates.
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