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Import Text File Dont Load

I am working on Data Analysis in the licensed Idea program.I perform the data by importing text file of 5 GB on average.
But I would like your help on one issue.
When I select and transfer the files, as in the attachment, even though the filling is completed. It does not load. It does not continue, in short, I cannot make any progress. Although I transfer the same data, the same size of data in 5 minutes, some of them are stuck in this way.
I will be grateful if you could help me.
I perform the files on a high-capacity and performance server.

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Brian Element
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Hi canngunes58, when you are talking about transfer are you talking about importing these files directly into IDEA or that they are already in IDEA and you are copying them to a different project folder?  

Also the two RDFs that you posted seem to be blank, they haven't defined any information to import so that is probably your problem in that the RDFs where not created properly and are not bringing in any information.