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Importing PDF - Appending 3rd layer

Hi All,
I am having issues appending the third layer of the pdf (which can be of  different length starting with any characters) as it does not have a unique charateristic upon trapping.
When i import the third layer it is pulling all the second layers.

Thank you.
Kind Regards,Sandrine

Brian Element Mon, 05/22/2023 - 09:11

Hi Sandrine,

I created example based on your scenario.

I take it that the problem is the third field because it covers several rows and not all on one row.

If you select the third field row in the Properties there is a section called Attributes, in your scenario you would seelct Multi-line to and that the end field is define field, what that means is it will include all the rows until it reaches the next records that will be brought in.  I also select Space to One in case there are extra spaces at the end of each detail line.

In report reader it now looks like this, you can see that all the detail has been highlighted.

When you import it into IDEA it will look like this.

Hopefully this is what you were looking for.