Nested @Functions in IDEA - Relevance and Utility

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Nested @Functions in IDEA - Relevance and Utility



@Functions in IDEA allow for the following -


- Data Sanitization

- Data Conversion

- Data Preparation

- Data Integrity Checks

- Arithmetical Computations

- Conditional / What If Computations

- Fraud Analytics

- Ratio Analysis


and much more.


Over 100+ @Functions in IDEA span Character, Date, Numeric and Time fields.


Most of the time we may use @Functions in isolation like @len(Bank Account Number) to check the validity of the subject bank accounts.


To get more out of IDEA try to use nested @Functions if the situation demands.


A nested @Functions is an @Function within another @Function.


So if we apply @strip(@upper(Vendor Invoice Number)) to prepare the data to look for duplicate vendor invoices we bring together the efficacy of two powerful @Functions simultaneously.


The inner @upper(Vendor Invoice Number) will first convert the letters in the Vendor Invoice Number to upper case. Once done the outer @strip will remove all special characters and spaces from the virtual upper case field. This operation will increase your chances substantially of locating duplicate vendor invoices over a plain simple duplicate on the base invoice number field.


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