ODBC Connection using IDEA Script

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ODBC Connection using IDEA Script

Hello everyone,
I've trying to create an ODBC Connection using IDEA Script Code (to work with Microsoft Power Bi). First it seems to be easy: Simply use cmd commands. But i couldn't find the right command. Access Database and Excel works fine, but I'm missing the right command for the IDEA ODBC Driver.
This is, how I've tried it:
(It's german, Treiber means Driver)
Phrase1 = "odbcconf configdsn"
Phrase2 = """CaseWare IDEA Treiber"""
Phrase3 = """DSN=Testname|Description=Testdescription|DBQ=D:\"""
Shell Phrase1 & Chr(32) & Phrase2 & Chr(32) & Phrase3
So in cmd the command ist:
odbcconf configdsn "CaseWare IDEA Treiber" "DSN=Testname|Description=Testdescription|DBQ=D:\"
I also tried for DBQ: Server, database and Folder. Nothing.
Next I've tried PowerShell:
Add-OdbcDsn -Name "Testname" -DriverName "CaseWare IDEA Treiber" -DsnType "User" -Platform "64-bit" -SetPropertyValue 'Server=D:\
Any Ideas? Thanks!