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IDEAScript Questions

Help with dates within an idea script

Hi Brian,

I'm hoping you can help with the following please.

I'm building a macro to calculate interest on customs debts. The applicable annual rate is the one on force at the date of import, and currently I am using a very long compif statement to assign the appropriate rate.

Each time there is a rate change, I add the date of change and the rate to the front of the compif statement (e.g. this month the rate changed to 6.25% so I added IMPORT_DATE >= ""20240701"", 0.0625).

How to transpose data to change row into column using IDEAScript

Hello, i want to ask on how to code using IDEAScript to transpose data from row to column. here is the scenario :
I got an excel source data and the first row can't be used as field name while each row that has data is divided with blank row one after another. the writing format is like form with first column contains form labels and second is the answer. i put the screenshots of the expected result if i transpose the data below. i also put the test file below.
Is there a way to script this kind of data transpose in IDEA? 
Thank you.

Smart Analyzer Settings

I have smart Analyzer project for Payroll.  I break it up into 8 databases that represent unique population for payroll.  I apply unique setting from a parameter file.  I have to tag 8 database and set the parm file against 8 databases and 7 different tests.
Is there any way to streamline this process.  I do have the tag file saved and the parameter file saved but have to use them as indicated above.

Refresh IDEA with IDEAScript command

Hi,I am using Python together with IDEAScript and when I created IMD files I have the problem that at the end I need to manually click the refresh button in IDEA in order to refresh IDEA and that it displays the IDEA-files.
I wondered if there is an IDEAScript function that I could add at the end of my code to automatically refresh? I checked the help section in IDEA, but couldn't find any command.

Dialog Box will keep closing

If have follows the Turorial: Dialog Project Part 2 Keeping dialog open - YouTube
But somehow the Box keeps on closing. Does anybody have a Idea why this is happening?
Option Explicit
Dim sFilename As String
Dim bExitScript As Boolean
Sub Main
Call menu()
End Sub
Function menu()
Dim dlg As DialogDemo
Dim button As Integer
button = Dialog(dlg)

IDEA Script sometimes Crashes - Shows Internal Error on line XX

I've written a fairly lengthy script (1,957 lines) to perform my weekly Credit Card Monitoring tasks. The problem I have is that sometimes the script runs to completion with no errors but sometimes I get an "Internal Error at line xxx" (line xxx will sometimes be Line 320, sometimes line 865, etc.

Load a saved equation using a script

Hi IDEAScripting, 
I hope you are all well.  I developed IDEA Scripts for a complete audit project back in 2017.  Brian has helped me before on this project.  Back in 2020, I switched audit teams, and my old team continued using my programming every year as they have to do it.  I help them every year to setup the files, remind them what to do, and edit some formulas that I hardcoded in the scripts.