Re-Run Task in IDEA

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Re-Run Task in IDEA


At some time in our usage of IDEA Software we all have slipped and made unintentional errors while applying functions within IDEA.
Be it an incorrect selection of combination of fields within a Summarization or the hilarious misplaced use of .AND. / .OR. within a criteria in Equation Editor.
All I can say is 'Do not fret!'. Help is close by in the form of IDEA's 'Re-Run Task'
Re-Run Task allows you to bring back the IDEA function dialog box on your screen which gave you the erroneous result in the first place. By a simple tweak of fields or change to criteria you can re-execute the function with the correct parameters.
As an example if you are isolating 'round sum journal entries in multiples of 10000 or blank narrations' and you enter 
in the first instance and realize your faux pas you can simply click on Re-Run Task and correct the criteria in the Direct Extraction dialog box to 
This saves you the hassle of going about building the function once again from scratch. Remember each re run will create a new child file with a suffix 1 or 11 or 111 at the end so name your re-run files wisely.
Also re run does not work for Field Manipulation. If you need to change a criteria in an appended field simply go to the field of your choice under Field Manipulation click on the parameter/criteria by the side of the field and alter the same in the Equation Editor.
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