Report Reader - Multiline Field Setting

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Report Reader - Multiline Field Setting
Hello Group Members,
Continuing with our earlier post on “Report Reader - Edit Layer”, we now cover “Report Reader - Multiline Fields” in this discussion post.
Many a times we receive Print Report / Text / PDF Files where one or more of the Fields may roll into multiple lines rather than fit into a single cell on a single line. Sometimes the roll over onto the next line maybe fixed like 2 lines per transaction for that field and more often it is variable.
The awesome go to Solution from CaseWare for such multiline fields is to select the field in the Field Layer while building the template and set the Multiline Field settings under Attributes (right side of the Report Reader screen) to Yes instead of the default No. 
Now depending on the kind of multiline occurrence you may set the multiline “End Field On” option to “Fixed Length”, “Defined Field” or “Blank Line”.
This functionality in the Report Reader ensures that you do not miss out any critical multiline field level information both in the template and import.
We will cover “Report Reader - Capturing Headers” in the next post.
Kind Regards
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Hello Brian
I wanted to ask you how to take the values of the "LIBRO" fields
As I put in black boxes, you see 2 different origins of the data.
the first data LIBRO - DATOS DEL ORIGEN, I can capture it as you say,
but when I have to capture the LIBRO - DATOS DEL DESTINO, it shows me the same information as the previous capture.
Not only do I have that problem but I must also consider that the text could be 2 lines long.
and I tried in various ways and I always get Empty, I don't know what would be the best way to capture the data including 2 lines.
Sorry if I get tangled up with the explanation.
perdon si me enrredo con la explicacion.