Run set of extractions for each database in project

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Run set of extractions for each database in project

Hello, I would like to run a set of extractions and summaries on each database in a project. I used the history of the extractions I did as a starting point, but I seem to be stuck.

  1. I don't know how to get the list of all databases in the current project.
  2. Something seems to be going wrong where I substituted hardcoded db names for variables, but I am not sure why. I assume it is something very silly.

I want to Extract : "", "PLAN = ""P8_P"" .OR. PLAN = ""P8_L"""
Then, from that Extraction Extract: "", "TRANSACTION_DESCRIPTION = ""Cash refund"" .OR. TRANSACTION_DESCRIPTION =""Locked-in Transfer"" .OR. TRANSACTION_DESCRIPTION =""Non-Locked in Transfer"".OR. TRANSACTION_DESCRIPTION =""Residual Refund"".OR. TRANSACTION_DESCRIPTION =""Bridging Benefit"".OR. TRANSACTION_DESCRIPTION =""Monthly pension"".OR. TRANSACTION_DESCRIPTION =""Retro pension"".OR. TRANSACTION_DESCRIPTION =""Phased Retir. Installments"""
And then Finally Summarize from there.

If anyone has any ideas, they would be greatly appreciated.
I have attached what I have so far.