Saving Field Concat Time - The Super 8 in IDEA

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Saving Field Concat Time - The Super 8 in IDEA

Hello Group Members,

A walk through of IDEA's core features like Join, Duplicate Key Detection, Summarization and more shows the value of the Super 8 in IDEA.
While performing a Duplicate Key Detection in IDEA, you can choose up to 8 independent fields on which exact duplicates will be tested.
Take a look at Summarization. In the Summarization dialog box you can Summarize on 8 independent fields at the same time.
Wish to match two files at a granular line item level, use any number of matching key fields up to 8 fields.
This is IDEA's Super 8 and makes analysis a breeze. The same requirement is met in MS-Excel by concatenating the 8 fields together into a single fields for use in Unique Records or a Pivot Table. It's also seen that functions in MS-Excel like Pivot tend to slow down on concatenated (concat) fields.
So you can now save Concat task time in IDEA and apply the Super 8.
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