The Search for an Opportunity - Reliable Data

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The Search for an Opportunity - Reliable Data

Hello Group Members,

With all that is said and done, at the end of the day, it is the pursuit of reliable data which gives every Data Analyst the raison d'etre to work wonders with Data.
While Data Discovery needs to be best aligned to the Requirement Definition phase of Analytics, we notice more often that the Data we receive is just sub-optimal. It is at this stage we see Stakeholders putting off the decision to implement Data Analytics through IDEA citing non-availability of 'Reliable Data'.
The universal truth is that the pursuit of 'Reliable and Perfect Data' is an endless journey. That being said it is a journey which must begin with a single step - one step at a time - one day at a time.
IDEA V 10.3 has the new and enhanced feature release - Character Field Statistics. Character Field Statistics presents at the click of a button blanks in mandatory Character Fields. With our experience for the last decade plus on IDEA Analytics, this is a good starting point and opportunity to deal with the blanks and correctly remedy the underlying Data within the Business Application System.
We seldom see Stakeholders using IDEA as a Self-Assessment Tool to point out opportunities to improve the quality of the underlying data. Well IDEA gives us that opportunity. It is essential to factor in Data Quality Management as one of the deliverables and value - propositions of implementing IDEA.
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