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Smart Analyzer Settings

I have smart Analyzer project for Payroll.  I break it up into 8 databases that represent unique population for payroll.  I apply unique setting from a parameter file.  I have to tag 8 database and set the parm file against 8 databases and 7 different tests.
Is there any way to streamline this process.  I do have the tag file saved and the parameter file saved but have to use them as indicated above.

Brian Element Tue, 10/10/2023 - 13:40

Hi Randy,

Unfortunately not, the app would have to be created to handle this scenario and if you are talking about the Payroll module in the Financial app.

There are some functions that might help:

In the tagging you can tag all the fields in the payroll module at the same time.

For the Parameters you still need to set them up one by one but you can then do a save and I believe it saves all of the parameters so you could reload them for your other files (assuming you are using the same parameters) instead of doing them one by one.