Summarization in IDEA - Include Percent in Output Database

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Summarization in IDEA - Include Percent in Output Database


The Summarization function in IDEA is very useful for grouping and creating unique records across any database.
One of the lesser known and used utilities in the Summarization dialog box is 'Include % in Output Database'.
When the user clicks this box in the Summarization dialog the output database will contain the following -
Unique Grouping Field Reference
Count of Items in the Unique Grouping Field
Total of Chosen Value
Percent Total of Each Group Group to Total of all Groups
So as an example - if I would like a report through IDEA of customer wise sales on a sales ledger the summarization output database will contain -
Customer Code
Customer Name
Count of Sales to the Customer
Total Sales (Value)
Total Sales (Percentage)
The advantage of having the percentage in the output database is improved insight and visualization into my top customers - say customers composing my top 70% of business.
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