Summarization Vs Top / Bottom Records Extraction

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Summarization Vs Top / Bottom Records Extraction

Good Day Group,

We have often seen IDEA users apply Summarization (Max and Min statistics) to arrive at the highest and lowest numerical value for certain grouping fields.
As an example using Summarization to arrive at the highest and lowest Unit Price per Material Code per Location per Month per Unit of Measure and per Currency.
However the question often is raised on what if the field for Max and Min are not numbers. Consider they are date or time. In its native format of date and time naturally Summarization would not be your Go To Function in IDEA to arrive at the latest and earliest Date Time since the Max Min statistic applies to only Numerical fields in IDEA.
So in this case you must apply Top / Bottom Records Extraction.
Top / Bottom Records Extraction allows you to extract the latest / earliest date time for any set of grouping fields.
Consider an example. You are looking at the first (earliest) and the last (latest) system access time by an Employee per Date to study certain patterns of dummy system access or proxy access department wise.
Bottom / Top Records Extraction will help you arrive at the earliest and latest system access time per Employee per Date. Here Summarization would not help.
So kindly take note of the applicability of both Summarization Vs Top Records Extraction.
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