Testing the Validity of the PAN - Part 3

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Testing the Validity of the PAN - Part 3
Hello Group Members,
Continuing from the earlier 2 posts, in Part 3 of the post today we look at how IDEA can be used to test the validity of the 6th to the 9th digit of the PAN which should always be 4 running numbers.
Using Direct Extraction or Criteria in IDEA, we are looking for the occurrence of letters in the 6th to the 9th digit place of the PAN.
The Criteria in the Equation Editor can be built as -
@len(@justletters(@mid(PAN No, 6, 3)))>0
Let us understand the Criteria above.
@mid will help us identify the 6 to the 9 digit of the PAN No.
@justletters will help us extract letters from the 6 to the 9 digits.
@len will allow us to test for the existence of letters where there should be only numbers. Hence the arithmetical operator > 0
On the next and final discussion post on the PAN Validity Test series we will check for the 5th digit of the PAN not matching with the first digit of the Name of the Tax Payer.
We will also showcase how a “PAN Valid Remarks” comments field can be added in the PAN database to capture all comments in a single file rather than perform multiple extractions to independent files.
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