Utility of the Fields button tab in IDEA

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Utility of the Fields button tab in IDEA


Users must have noticed the 'Field' tab button in many function dialog boxes in IDEA like Direct Extraction, Duplicate Key Detection, Duplicate Key Exclusion, Summarization, Join and more.
'Field' is a lesser known utility which is often never used in IDEA. 'Field' allows users to specify 'fields to display' while generating reports through a specific function in IDEA.
So if a user is performing a Top Records Extraction to capture the top asset capitalizations to a block of assets 'Field' will allow the user to specify the fields to display in the final report of 'Top Capitalizations' like Asset Code, Asset Name, Unique Tracking ID, Location, Capitalization Date etc.
This allows the final report to convey its true meaning in simple terms without causing a clutter of irrelevant fields.