The @Val() and @CurVal() Functions in IDEA

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The @Val() and @CurVal() Functions in IDEA

Hello Group Members,

Numeric data that is not used for calculations, such as account numbers or reference numbers, are often stored with a character data type. 
However, in order to carry out some audit tests such as searching for gaps in a sequence, it is necessary to convert these fields from character data type into numeric data type. 
This can be done using @Val.
The Syntax for @Val is @Val(String)

String refers to the character expression or field containing numbers to be converted into the numeric data type to facilitate further numerical analytics in IDEA.

For numeric values stored as a character data-type with formatting symbols such as decimals and thousands separator, use @CurVal to remove the formatting symbols.

So let us say you have a number 1,23,456.79 stored as a character which needs to be converted to a number. In 123  456.79 ~ the  space between 123 and 456 is the thousand separator to be removed and the , is the decimal separator to be converted to the standard decimal.

So to convert 123 456,79 to 123456.79 use @CurVal(1,23,456.79, " ", ",") This will remove  blank as the thousand separator and place . as decimal separator in place of ,

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