Wonders of the Report Reader

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Wonders of the Report Reader


While importing data into IDEA it's almost an intuitive task to work with spreadsheet files given the ease and hassle-free process.
However at times IDEA user's are challenged to import report and PDF files.
This is where we get a first hand chance to encounter the 'Wonders of the Report Reader'.
The 'Report Reader' is a tool within IDEA which allows the user to convert complex and tricky report/PDF files into IDEA.
Here are some leading wonders of the Report Reader -
a. Ability to capture the import process as a template. Subsequent reports can be imported in a jiffy with the template.
b. Facility to edit the template to give affect to small field level changes without having to redo the entire process.
c. Attributes to link report field headers and report transactions very easily.
d. Capability to work with multi-line variable length fields.
e. Tools to deal with variable stacked fields - floating fields.
In short the Report Reader allows you to format, define, shape, adjust, create a report of your choice with your fields.
An Ode to contemporary data mining.
Kind Regards