Wonders of the Report Reader - Edit Template

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Wonders of the Report Reader - Edit Template



The Report Reader in IDEA is the most effective route to import print report and PDF files into IDEA.


One of the many unsung heroic features of the Report Reader is 'Edit Template'.


While other data analytic tools in this space might not provide the ability to edit the import template, IDEA shines big on this feature.


For all of us who have used the Report Reader you will accept that the one time task of creating the standard layer, trapping, masking, scanning for errors etc. is a meticulous task. This activity requires proficiency in IDEA. Once the import template is created the need may be felt down the road to edit the same to include or exclude fields, add new append layers from the report header and more.


The edit template utility precludes the need to start of from scratch with a new template.


Not only does it save time, it allows you to base modifications on existing work done by experts.


So use the edit template feature to the fullest and make available some of the most trickiest files for data analysis.


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